Big Cat Week - National Geographic Wild

A male black leopard drinks water from a puddle
(Image credit: Symbio Studios)

Catnip for moggy lovers, National Geographic Wild's Big Cat week is back!

National Geographic WILD’s 10th Big Cat Week gets off to a purrfect start with the two-part Wild Cats of India (8pm) (See our TV Guide for full details).

This explores the several species of big cats that inhabit every type of landscape, some living in harmony with their human neighbours and some ready to attack.

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Forget superheroes, The Real Black Panther (9pm) follows the dramatic lives of the animals of the Kabini forest in India from the perspective of its only panther, Saya.

A black panther

Is there a cooler cat than the black panther?

Other highlights include Cat Attac-Tics (Tuesday), Jungle Animal Rescue and Lion Brothers: Cubs to Kings (Wednesday) and India’s Wild Leopards (Friday). Great footage of some beautiful, rarely seen creatures.

TV Times rating: ****