Big Cats About the House

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(Image credit: BBC NHU/Richard Mann)

Following the work of Giles Clark and his big-cat sanctuary

Following the work of Giles Clark and his big-cat sanctuary.

Tiger expert Giles Clark has been hand-raising big cat cubs for more than two decades, but when he was asked to save a five-day-old jaguar he knew it would be one of his toughest challenges yet.

In the first episode of this new three-part series, Giles takes the tiny black jaguar, named Maya, back to his house when her mother rejects her soon after she’s born.

There are plenty of obstacles to overcome before Maya starts to becomes part of the family at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, where Giles is the manager.

This opening chapter might melt your heart, but there are also tense moments when Giles begins to suspect that the young cub isn’t developing as she should.