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Big Mac is rumbled!

(Image credit: BBC Pictures)

Big Mac’s secrets are exposed this week when Mercedes is admitted to the ED under police arrest!

Mercedes winds up in the ED after her moneylender Shelle (Emmerdale’s Kelli Hollis) forces her to do a drug drop and she badly injures herself running away from the police!

Mac’s shocked to see Mercedes again and deadly worried everyone will discover she mugged Noel and he’s not a hero who saved his best friend!

Meanwhile, Noel – who can’t remember the violent mugging – sells his most valuable possessions and buys Mac a motorbike!

Mac is eventually exposed as a liar when the police match Mercedes’ DNA to Noel’s attack. Mercedes survives a fit, brought on from swallowing her drug stash before the police arrested her, but Mac’s reputation with friends and co-workers is in tatters. In fact, disgusted Noel tells him he’s moving out!

Elsewhere, Connie’s determined to spend as much time as possible with daughter, Grace, before she returns to New York with her dad, Sam. But Sam drops a bombshell and reveals they’re leaving that night!

Later, after discovering Grace has been suffering panic attacks, Connie and Jacob race to the airport. The clinical lead is determined to convince her daughter to stay with her before her plane takes off…

Also this week word is out that Zoe and Max are back together – however their reunion hits the skids when Max becomes convinced he will never be able to trust Zoe.