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Billie teaches Irene self defence!

Billie Ashford in Home and Away

Can Billie Ashford help Irene increase her confidence in Home and Away?

Olivia and Chris do their best to get Irene some professional help, but Irene is convinced that she can cope, even after her collapse. So Chris has a brainwave and it involves Billie Ashford teaching Irene some self defence! Billie decides to reach out to Irene - but will she come clean about her rape?

Alf continues to use Roo as his punching bag, leaving her frustrated. When Matt sees how badly Roo is being treated, he decides to intervene - but will he make things even worse between the dad and daughter?

Marilyn and John are still at odds over their future and foster parenting. As Marilyn refuses to give up on the idea, is she putting her marriage under too much strain?