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Bonnie’s bully revealed?

(Image credit: BBC/Headstrong Pictures (WR) Ltd/Laurence Cendrowicz)

Bonnie loses her temper this week when she suspects nasty Scott of being her cyberbully. Meanwhile, the police make a breakthrough on Bonnie’s case, and their revelation is gobsmacking... they think she’s been bullying herself!

Bonnie begins to break down as everyone suspects her of attention seeking. But help is on hand when Justin offers to screen her calls. Bonnie and teacher, George Windsor, come to believe he’s the stalker, but viewers see his younger brother Leo lurking in the wings!

Dale’s downward spiral continues. He smashes Maggie’s car up in a late-night joyride, is refusing to go to his counselling sessions and started smoking weed again. When Lisa joins him for a joint, they end up spending the night together. Lenny is disgusted and turns his back on Dale, until Lisa makes him realise Dale’s in dire need of support. When a stoned Dale takes to the school roof, Lenny manages to talk him down and convinces Dale to get help.

George lets headmaster Vaughan know that he’s gotten wind of a surprise inspection of the school. Vaughan and his staff manage to get the school shipshape and they pass the inspection with flying colours.

Abdul is conflicted when his birth mother, Yasmeen, turns up to see him. It’s an emotional reunion, as Yasmeen explains how she came to lose Abdul and how long she’s looked for him. When Abdul’s adoptive dad Hassan slaps Yasmeen with a court order preventing him visiting his new family in Pakistan, Abdul must decide where his loyalties lie… He ultimately chooses his father, but with the intention of getting to know his new family too.

Realising Marco is completely disillusioned with teaching, Christine takes him out to cheer him up. They get on like a house on fire, and one thing leads to another!