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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad ep2

Bradley Walsh and his son Barney saddle up for a Wild West adventure this week in Arizona, riding through a ghost town before checking out cowboy college

Bradley Walsh’s 2,000-mile road trip with his son sees the pair on Route 66, heading across the Mojave Desert.

First stop is a ghost town called Amboy, a favourite watering hole of Harley Davidson bikers, who Brad and Barney are soon badgering for a ride.

And then it’s on to Lake Havasu, where old London Bridge – dismantled and re-assembled brick by brick – can be found.

This reminder of Blighty prompts Bradley to stop for a cup of tea!

TV Times rating: ****

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

The Harley Davidson ride was a highlight

Here, Bradley, 58, and Barney, 21, tell TV Times more about Breaking Dad…

Was it nice spending so much time together? 

Bradley: Barney’s the most amazing man, so to be on the road together was fantastic. I would highly recommend it to any father and son. I didn’t expect to have him throw me out of a plane, though! Barney: Not many sons, especially at my age, get to go on a trip like this with their father. I’ll remember it all my life.

How did you feel about the skydive?

Bradley: My main was concern was for Barney, because, no matter how old he is, he’s still my little boy. When he disappeared out of that plane, it was tough for me. He was brilliant, but I wouldn’t do it again. Barney: I’ve always wanted to do a skydive. To take Dad with me and see him conquer his fear was amazing. I’m proud of you, Dad.

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

Bradley and Barney at cowboy college in Arizona

Bradley, you fared better at cowboy college, didn’t you?

Bradley: I loved it. I grew up with all the cowboy films, so that was my thing. Barney struggled on the horse. That wasn’t really me getting my own back but it was funny. Barney: I’ve never ridden a horse before. I couldn’t control mine to save my life.

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