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Brodie charms Piper

Brad tells a volatile Brodie that he may not make it to trials and, when he suggests looking for a new coach, Brodie storms off. Piper talks him into staying in Erinsborough and he asks her to stay with him, just for one night. It's lovely, but when Josh texts Piper to call him, a sinister side of Brodie emerges...

Toadie forces Sonya to report Aaron to the police but she struggles with the whole process. So when Terese apologises, Sonya makes it clear that after their involvement in doctored report process, Quill's development won't be going through. Later, Sonya receives a photograph of Nell at daycare taken with a long lens and, when she discovers that someone has been in Nell's room, she's chilled to the core.

Aaron's feeling low and things get worse when Mark tells him that Tom's claiming that he's been accepting bribes. Fortunately, there's no evidence but Aaron still needs to clear his name in relation to the doctored impact report – he's going to find the proof he needs to hold Tom to account.