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Cain pays Holly to leave Emmerdale

(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

In hospital having almost died from a drug overdose, Holly is feeling terrible. Worse still she’s got the shame of having tried to kiss her stepdad Cain to deal with, not to mention facing her mum, Moira, to whom she vowed to stay sober.

When Moira finds out Holly wasn’t trying to kill herself, the terrified mum is relieved. But Cain doesn’t share her maternal feelings. In fact, he wants Holly gone to spare Moira any more grief and offers his stepdaughter cash to leave! With Moira having learned Cain deleted an important voicemail from Holly, which could have pushed her daughter to overdose, will this second low blow from Cain end their troubled marriage?

At Gordon’s, Liv drunkenly smashes up her dead dad’s place with Gabby’s help. But their fun doesn’t last long when Chas and Bernice turn up having worked out they’ve been lied to by the girls.

In the pirate ship, Arthur’s scared witless when Ashley, Dan and Jimmy watch a horror film.