Cain refuses life-saving surgery!

Cain's in hospital after collapsing and falling into an icy river. He's got Kirin to thank for pulling him from the water and saving his life. However, Cain's doctor tells him that unless he has surgery on the aneurysm that has been causing him to collapse he could end up dying anyway! Moira despairs when Cain refuses to have the life-saving operation and refuses to speak to him until he relents and signs the consent form. When his daughter Debbie has a word with Cain will she be able to change his mind?

Chrissie's in a foul mood after finding out that her son Lachlan has got a tattoo. After Alicia promises to have a word with the teenager it doesn't take her long to realise that he's had the body art because he wants to be like David!

Elsewhere in the village, Robert supports Aaron as he worries about Cain, James suggests Ross and Pete take Finn out to cheer him up and Alicia gets an eyeful when she catches Adam and Victoria in a compromising position!