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Cal wants to find his birth mother

(Image credit: BBC/Warren Orchard)

Cal’s still reeling from the revelation he’s adopted and Ethan may not be his brother. This week, in a state of confusion, Cal makes the life-changing decision to look for his real mum!

Earlier in the day, before coming to this conclusion, Cal decides it’s time to open up to Ethan and arranges for them both to go out for a few drinks after work.

But he has a change of heart after treating a patient who believes she’s going to be reunited with her homeless son for Christmas. Moved by the plight of estranged mother and son, Cal decides he needs to find out as much as he can about his adoption before opening up to Ethan…

Newly focused on finding his mother, is this a can of worms Cal will regret opening? The only person Cal confides in is popular nurse, Charlie Fairhead. Charlie realises Cal’s in a spin, and offers to help him track down his birth mother…

Also this week, after Iain’s ambulance skids on ice and crashes at the ED, Connie and Jacob race against the clock to free sweet-natured patient, Florence (EastEnders’ Alison Pargeter).

The sexual tension between the pair is electric, and after the gruelling shift, Connie invites Jacob to her office for a drink, where they kiss!

Elsewhere, new receptionist Jack Diamond (Alistair Brammer (opens in new tab)) irritates Noel, and Lofty loses a patient who looks uncannily like Santa!


Elaine Reilly
Elaine Reilly

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