Casualty spoilers: Archie confesses and Ethan's trapped!

Archie Hudson looks on shocked when a familiar face returns to the ED in Casualty
(Image credit: BBC)

Archie decides it’s time to confess her crimes. Meanwhile, Mason and Ethan are desperate to cover up their lies…

Warning: Contains spoilers about Archie Hudson, Ethan Hardy and many more Casualty favourites!

In Casualty this week (9.20pm on BBC1, see our TV Guide for full listings) Rash makes a shocking discovery about Mason, Ethan finds himself at the mercy of Theo, and Archie is faced with the consequences of her actions…

Archie owns up

Doctors Will and Archie look worried after Vincent is admitted to the ED

Moment of truth! Sickened by her actions, Archie decides to come clean. Can Will convince her otherwise? (Image credit: BBC)

Doctor Archie Hudson is shaken to her core when former patient Vincent Millbank is admitted to the ED.

Archie (Genesis Lynea) believed she was off the hook for vandalising Vincent’s car after consultant Will Noble charmed a security guard into destroying CCTV evidence of Archie pouring acid over the retired teacher’s classic Jaguar. Viewers already know that Archie’s actions were a result of learning Vincent (Tim Woodward) remorselessly bullied his former pupils, driving one to suicide.

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This week Archie discovers her act of vengeance has left Vincent a terrified wreck. Feeling guilty Archie decide to confess and resign…

Is this the end of Archie’s promising career?

Mason’s lies exposed!

Mason and Rash deep in conversation fter Rash discovers Mason's medical mistakes

Squaring up... Rash feels it's his duty to report Mason. Mason disagrees! (Image credit: BBC)

Doctor Rash Masum's intentions to focus solely on his own career get derailed fairly quickly this week. Rash takes matters into his own hands when he discovers junior doctor Mason Reede is covering up a catalogue of mistakes – one which caused the death of an elderly patient.

Horrified Rash decides to report Mason to consultant Ethan Hardy, although pinning the senior medic down turns out to be tricky (see below).

Ironically, after Rash’s career being jeopardised by the junior doctor’s lies, Rash now holds Mason’s future in his hands…

Could this be an opportunity for revenge?

Ethan keeps digging

Ethan looks troubled as the mother of a patient looks on

If only spellbound Ethan could magic all his problems away... (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, smitten Ethan is busy covering up his own lies about Effie’s cystic fibrosis trial!

When Effie’s dad Theo turns up demanding answers, Ethan’s trapped in a new ethical dilemma – one that could ruin his medical reputation…

Theo threatens to expose Ethan (Oh err missus) unless he finds out which trial group Effie’s been placed in. Yes, it’s another fine mess Ethan’s gotten himself in to!

Also in Casualty this week

Jade and Rash chatting at work

Jade with Rash... "One day my career will be THIS big" (Image credit: BBC)

Vincent’s grandson Joshua is also admitted to the ED after a DIY attempt at beefing up home security goes disastrously wrong.

Jade struggles with being in close proximity to Vincent after his previous behaviour. Jan, however, has no problem putting him in his place!

Elsewhere, Ethan receives a series of warnings, including one from pal Will Noble… Will he pay heed?

This week’s guest stars include Frayed star Frazer Hadfield in his TV debut as Vincent’s grandson Joshua; Sudha Bhuchar (Stella, EastEnders) and Tripti Tripuraneni (Temple) as mother and daughter Rupal and Leena in an intriguing story; and Rachel Lin (Pose) as Doctor Juliet Chen, who has stern words for Ethan!

Find out more when this episode of Casualty airs Saturday 19 October at 9.20pm on BBC1

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