Casualty spoilers: BIG revelations in TWO episodes this Saturday

Charlie Fairhead makes a welcome reappearance in Casualty
(Image credit: BBC)

Double episodes of Casualty see Lev confront his demons and the shock return of Ciaran Coulson AKA Mr Mean

Casualty treats viewers to a double bill this Saturday when the medical drama airs twice on BBC1.

The first outing at 8.40pm sees Lev playing fast and loose with his life at a motorbike track. The second episode at 9.20pm marks the return of Ciaran Coulson! [See below for spoilers on both episodes]

Warning: Casualty spoilers about Lev Malinovsky, Fenisha Khatri, Ethan Hardy, Jade Lovall, Marty Kirkby, Iain Dean, Jan Jenning, Charlie Fairhead and more…

Casualty episode airing on BBC1 May 8 at 8.40pm

Lev lands in hospital

Lev battles with intense emotions in Casualty

Lev battles with intense emotions in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Lev has taken leave from his paramedic duties following wife Faith revealing his sexuality to work colleagues. But the longer Lev stays away from the ED the harder he’s finding it to return.

This week the struggling medic is forced to confront his fears when he indulges in frightening and reckless behaviour at a local motorbike track. Ironically in trying to forget his troubles at the track, Lev ends up in the one place he’s at pains to avoid - Holby ED…

Elsewhere in Casualty…

Casualty's paramedic team prepare for a tough shift

Team paramedic! How will Iain fit in with his new crew? (Image credit: BBC)

It’s Iain’s first official day back as a Holby ED paramedic. He’s paired with Fenisha and sparks fly when they take two very different approaches to treating Lev.

Meanwhile, Marty steps up his campaign against the private clinic who operated on his mum, Bibi. 

When a cease and desist letter turns up for him at the ED, at first Marty considers giving up, until a heart-to-heart with Jade gives him the courage to continue. 

Jade in turn reveals her recent ordeal after having her drink spiked to Marty. They reaffirm their friendship and vow to be a better support to each other in the future.

Elsewhere, Ethan gets a rude awakening about his management style during a staff training day held by a former trainee doctor!

And Charlie makes a lovely appearance for the first time in a which sees him sharing his trademark pearls of wisdom. Welcome back Mr Fairhead!

Casualty episode airing on BBC1 May 8 at 9.20pm

Ciaran Coulson gets his comeuppance?

Ciaran Coulson makes a shock return to the ED and stacks up new enemies

Well, well, well... Look who's back. Ciaran returns to the ED to make new enemies (Image credit: BBC)

In Saturday's second visit to Casualty Marty’s mum Bibi is readmitted to the ED with shocking complications from her vaginal mesh procedure. 

Unknown to Bibi, Marty has arranged a face-to-face with the CEO of the private practice who operated on her. It’s safe to say Marty’s shocked when the surgeon he’s meeting turns out to be none other than Ciaran Coulson. (Welcome back Rick Warden!) 

Ciaran manages to intimidate Marty until Jan Jenning steps in and gives him a piece of her mind!

Although Jan has promised wife Ffion that she will keep a low profile for the foreseeable, she can’t resist helping Marty set up a sting for Ciaran. Something tells us we're in for a gleeful new storyline!

MORE: Rick Warden interview on why Ciaran Coulson a hero in his own mind!

Elsewhere in Casualty…

Brave Jade goes on a crusade after a young women is killed

Jade's crusade. The brave nurse goes on a revenge mission after the death of a young woman (Image credit: BBC)

Jade’s affecting storyline takes a heartbreaking turn when a patient dies after her drink is spiked. Determined to fight back Jade recruits Robyn in a risky plan…

And, last but not least, Lev reconnects with an old flame! Is he now ready for an exciting new chapter?

This Saturday Casualty airs on BBC1 at 8.40pm and 9.20pm 

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