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Casualty spoilers! Breaking point for Iain Dean!

Casualty spoilers! Breaking point for Iain Dean!
(Image credit: BBC)

Sleepless nights and post traumatic stress overwhelm paramedic Iain Dean...

Paramedic Iain Dean continues to be tormented in Casualty by the traffic accident that killed his partner, Sam Nicholls, and patient Mia Bellis.

This week, he’s in turmoil, unable to sleep and plagued by flashbacks to the night of the incident.

Co-worker Ruby Sparks (played by Maddy Hill) notices Iain (Michael Stevenson) is struggling during their shift when he continually loses concentration while treating Tom, the victim of a hit-and-run.

Casaulty spoilers - Ruby sees that Iain Dean's not himself

Struggling... Ruby sees that Iain Dean's not himself in Casualty this Saturday

At the hospital, Iain’s approached by Marnie (Beatrice Curnew), who confesses she ran over Tom (Lucas Hare) and panicked! Senior nurse Charlie questions Iain’s decision not to immediately report her.

Feeling even more stressed, Iain suffers another frightening flashback. Will he seek help? Or will he suffer in silence?

Meanwhile in the hit BBC1 drama, let's just take a moment to be proud of Louise. Yes, she's still a bit stroppy, but she's risen to senior nurse quicker than you can say "Charlie Fairhead." She's off to the maternity ward, where she meets Jade, a useless young nurse with much to learn - can Louise help her? Or is the young nurse beyond help?

Casualty continues this Saturday on BBC1 at 8.35pm.