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Casualty spoilers: Charlie quits!

Grieving Charlie back at work
Accusations add to Charlie's grief... Will they push him too far? (Image credit: BBC)

Furious Charlie leaves the ED after a public showdown… And Ruby makes a decision

Accusations of betrayal threaten to rip the ED apart in Casualty this week…

Warning: Contains spoilers about Casualty favourites Jacob, Charlie, David, Ruby and Holby City’s Fletch!

Charlie walks away from his 40-year career

Charlie is annoyed by David's concern

Scorn buckets! Charlie is annoyed by David's concern and gives him short shrift (Image credit: BBC)

Charlie Fairhead’s friends believe he’s returned to work too soon after wife Duffy’s death.

Last week concerned nurse Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) called Director of Nursing Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher.

This week Jacob realises he did the right thing when Charlie fails to tell the medical team about a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) on elderly dementia patient, Cynthia!

Fletch back in the ED - where he belongs, if you ask us!

Fletch back in the ED - where he belongs, if you ask us! (Image credit: BBC)

Later, when Fletch (Holby City’s Alex Walkinshaw) takes Charlie aside to talk about Cynthia’s DNR, he feels scapegoated! Charlie (Derek Thompson) furiously marches into the ED, accuses everyone of betraying him, and dramatically quits nursing!

Also in Casualty this week…

Ruby breaks down in Jan's arms

Ruby makes a decision about Harmony's future (Image credit: BBC)

Ruby is desperately missing baby Harmony and breaks down after opening up to Jan.

Faith struggles with Lev’s over protectiveness of Luka. Will she be forced to reassess her marriage when Lev loses his tempter with their desperately ill son?

Fenisha and Will share lustful looks, as Ethan remains oblivious.

And Noel prepares for a dementia fundraiser!

Please note Dylan Keogh fans – the good doctor is in this episode…

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