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Casualty spoilers: Confession time for Fenisha?

Fenisha looks worried. Is it time to reveal her baby secret to Ethan?
Fenisha looks worried. Is it time to reveal her baby secret to Ethan? (Image credit: BBC)

In Casualty this week Fenisha’s baby secret threatens to be exposed, Connie and Jacob reunite, and Jade’s shocked by a blast from her past!

Warning: Contains spoilers

Ethan due for a baby shock?

Fenisha Khatri is determined to hide her pregnancy this week, despite morning sickness making an unwelcome appearance!

Regardless of her personal circumstances Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) fearlessly puts her life at risk to save wrestler, Malc, who is pinned under lighting rigging after a performance goes wrong.

Fenisha helps wrestler Malc after he's trapped by dodgy rigging

Risky business! Fenisha helps wrestler Malc after he's trapped by dodgy rigging... (Image credit: BBC)

Without any thought for her safety – or that of her unborn baby – Fenisha races to rescue trapped wrestler Malc (guest star Connor Bryson) although paramedic boss Jan Jenning insists they wait on the fire service!

Fenisha quickly realises she should have listened to Jan (Di Botcher) when more rigging collapses! Fortunately she’s only injured her foot but Jan’s furious and orders her to get checked over back at the hospital.

Ethan (George Rainsford) does the honours and, while treating Fenisha, asks how she’s doing after everything that’s happened recently. Touched by his concern, will Fenisha open up and tell Ethan that she didn’t have a termination, and he’s going to be a dad?

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The private life of Jade

Jade makes a decision about her future

The many shades of Jade... Viewers learn there's so much more to Jade than meets the eye (Image credit: BBC)

Jade Lovall (Gabriella Leon) is shocked when ex-boyfriend Malc - wrestler stage name Monk - is admitted to the ED. His hearing aid has been damaged, so she’s needed as a sign language interpreter.

What follows is a rare and welcome glimpse into Jade’s world, which leads her to make a life-changing decision about her future in relation to her past…

#Jonnie back on?

Jacob reaches out to Nate

Jacob reaches out to Nate in emotional scenes (Image credit: BBC)

Former lovers Jacob Masters and Connie Beauchamp get along like, well, old lovers who know each other inside out, when they work together after ex-marine Nate (Tim Pritchett) is admitted to the ED!

Nate claims he injured himself shooting a stunt, but Connie quickly realises something doesn’t add up.

Jacob is moved to help the proud army veteran. But when Nate pushes him away Jacob knows he’s going to have to by-pass the usual medic-patient boundaries.

Just how close will Connie (Amanda Mealing) get to Jacob (Charles Venn), as she supports him on his mission to make a difference in Nate’s life?

Jan on the warpath

Jan is furious with Fenisha

Jan takes shocking action when Fenisha disobeys direct orders... Will there be repercussions? (Image credit: BBC)

Jan reveals she’s fed up with never seeing partner Ffion… which must mean Casualty are paving the way for Stirling Gallacher’s much-anticipated Casualty debut, as Jan’s police officer wife.

But that’s not the only thing getting the paramedic boss’s goat this week. After the dangerous rescue of wrestler Malc, Fenisha faces Jan’s wrath. Jan is enraged with unrepentant Fenisha and sparks fly…

What follows is a dramatic shouting match between the two paramedics, that Casualty fans will not want to miss!

Also in Casualty this week…

Connie staring at Noel in surprise

Will Connie be forced to have words with Noel? (Image credit: BBC)

Faith and Dylan are getting along better than ever…

Meanwhile, Noel Garcia (Tony Marshall) is still on cloud nine after exposing fake and dangerous ‘therapist’ Joseph Milner (Keeping Faith star Aneirin Hughes)…

Will Noel realise everyone’s fed up of his tales of daring-do? Or will someone be forced to tell him that self-praise is no praise?

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 at 8.40pm on Saturday 23 May 2020