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Casualty spoilers: Connie Beauchamp confronts Tina!

Connie Beauchamp gives Tina a cold stare in Casualty
Connie Beauchamp has Tina in her sights... (Image credit: BBC)

Connie Beauchamp lets Jacob Master’s new girlfriend Tina know who’s boss, while Dylan Keogh endures an emotional rollercoaster in Casualty

Warning: Casualty spoilers about Connie Beauchamp, Faith Cadogan, Lev Malinovsky, Dylan Keogh, Jacob Masters, Tina Mollett, Grace Strachan-Beauchamp, Ollie Hide and more…

Connie Beauchamp challenges Tina

Tina in shock as Connie gives her a dressing down in Casualty

Called into Connie Beauchamp's office, how will Tina react? (Image credit: BBC)

Spare a thought for Jacob Master’s girlfriend Tina Mollett, as she starts her first nursing shift at the ED this Saturday. Tina is instantly welcomed and invited out to staff drinks by nurse Marty Kirkby. Connie Beauchamp, however, can feel her lip curling!

When Tina (Adele James) voices concerns to Connie that a patient’s fiancé may have cancer, the jealous clinical lead is scathing about Tina’s suspicions. Later Connie (Amanda Mealing) is furious when Tina chooses to follow her own instincts rather than her express orders, and gives the agency nurse a shocking dressing down. As Connie verbally attacks Tina, will Jacob be forced to choose sides?

Dylan Keogh is loved up!

Dylan Keogh and Faith enjoying breakfast together in Casualty

It's the morning after the night before for Dylan Keogh and Faith Cadogan (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan Keogh wakes up blissfully happy with Faith Cadogan in Casualty this week. After months of loving the ED nurse from afar Dylan (William Beck) is elated that their true feelings are now out in the open - at least with each other...

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) has yet to tell her husband Lev (Uriel Emil) and children that she’s ready to move on with Dylan, so wants to keep their romance under wraps for now. Unfortunately she doesn't have a choice… Faith accidentally calls teenage daughter Natalia, who can hear her mum asking Dylan to come back to bed!

Disaster strikes Faith’s family

Lollie McKenzie as Natalia in Casualty

Teenage kicks. Natalia (Lollie McKenzie) makes a deadly decision in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Natalia (Lollie McKenzie) is devastated after overhearing her mum with another man, and goes on a drink and drugs binge!

When she wanders off, Ollie Hide (Harry Collett) and Grace Beauchamp (Emily Carey) go in search of their troubled friend, only to find her alseep on Holby's railways tracks as a train approaches.

They call the emergency services, who unwittingly send Natalia’s paramedic dad Lev to the scene.

Can she be saved?

Faith’s loving feelings fade fast

Faith Cadogan calls her daughter in Casualty

Bad call? Faith has some explaining to do in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

At the hospital, prior to Natalia’s accident, Faith’s husband Lev demands to know where she spent the night. But he can’t burst her love bubble. However, a phone call for Dylan does manage to put a dampener on things.

After Faith takes a message for Dylan from someone called Reg, nurse David Hide lets slip that Reg is Dylan’s sponsor.

Dylan reveals he’s a recovering alcoholic, leaving Faith is quietly disconcerted. Still raw from Lev’s affair, will Faith feel she’s being lied to again?

The end of the love line?

Dylan Keogh is left in tears by Faith in Casualty

Heartbroken Dylan Keogh is in tears after Faith's shock decision (Image credit: BBC)

A terrified Lev rushes Natalia urgently to the ED where distraught Faith demands that Connie, not Dylan, treats the fitting teenager!

Afterwards Dylan and Faith have a massive argument. A deeply hurt Dylan is shocked further when Faith makes a decision about their future…

Are the star-crossed couple finished?

Also in Casualty this week

Is Jacob Masters' love life about to take a shock twist?

Is Jacob Masters' love life about to take a shock twist? (Image credit: BBC)

Jacob is overjoyed to have his girlfriend Tina working in the ED, but doesn’t realise that Connie is deeply jealous. By the end of the day Jacob (Charles Venn) makes a gesture that leaves Tina in no doubt about where his feelings lie…

Ollie’s crush on Grace grows this week. Meanwhile Grace (Emily Carey) fears Connie’s wrath after an eventful day!

Plus Sharlene Whyte (Waterloo Road) and Jacade Simpson (Doctors) guest star as a newly engaged couple about to be torn apart by secrets and lies.

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1, Saturday 27 March at 8.20pm.