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Casualty spoilers: Connie returns! But is she welcome?

On her return to Casualty Connie appears vulnerable. Is she ready to resume her duties?
On her return to <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a> Connie appears vulnerable. Is she ready to resume her duties? (Image credit: BBC)

Connie Beauchamp is given a cold welcome by ALMOST everyone when she returns to Casualty… Guess who’s happy to see the disgraced clinical lead?

Warning: Contains spoilers about Connie Beauchamp, Dylan Keogh, Archie Hudson and many more Casualty favourites…

New Year? New Connie?

Connie in Dylan's office... technically her office!

Her colleagues may not be happy to see her, but we're delighted Connie Beauchamp is back where she belongs! (Image credit: BBC)

When we last saw Connie Beauchamp she was hooked on prescription drugs, using Duffy’s Fairhead dementia to hide mistakes and Archie Hudson was stabbed while exposing her addiction!

Since Connie’s tearful confession to a furious Charlie Fairhead, the former clinical lead has been off work receiving treatment.

This week nervous Connie (welcome back Amanda Mealing!) receives a cold reception when she returns as a consultant. She plans to ease back into the post of clinical lead, but with the team reeling after the shocking, tragic events of Christmas, emotions are running high.

As acting clinical lead Dylan struggles to cope, will an apprehensive Connie step up or sidle into the shadows?

Connie’s reception revealed…

Archie confronts Connie on her return to work

Unforgiven? Archie Hudson is watching Connie's every move... (Image credit: BBC)

What's on TV can reveal that Connie receives, at best, a lukewarm reception from most of her colleagues.

Wary Archie confronts her one-time mentor and demands to know if she’s clean.

Furious Charlie can barely look at the woman he considered a daughter, never mind talk to her.

Defiant David refuses to exchange pleasantries.

And peacekeeper Will is keeping a very close eye on Connie's interactions with patients - and Archie!

There is one person, however, who welcomes Connie with open arms. Former lover Jacob Masters gives Connie a massive hug when she returns. Could this be the spark that reignites their love affair? #Jonnie

Speaking to What’s on TV during the Summer Amanda Mealing said:

“I loved Connie’s relationship with Jacob. I think they were really well suited. Seeing Connie in love was an unusual thing.

“I’m trying to revive it. I think that was a really good relationship and a nice side of Connie. And it wasn’t finished. There wasn’t an end to it… so there’s hope!”

MORE: Read the full interview here

Also in Casualty this week…

Dylan deep in thought as he struggles with recent events

Dark days for Dylan... he struggles with recent events (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan’s downward spiral continues. When he gathers the staff together instead of lifting their spirits and uniting them as a team, Dylan’s scathing of the NHS in general and his own leadership in particular.

The day has come for Ruby’s newborn niece Harmony to be discharged from the hospital. She desperately attempts to locate her sister Violette before Harmony ends up in care. Will Ruby be left holding her baby niece?

Meanwhile, more is revealed about newbies Lev and Faith…

Elsewhere, will viewer’s discover why Charlie is sporting a bust lip?

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1, Saturday 04 January 2020 at 9.05pm