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Casualty spoilers: The end for Duffy?

Unsung Holby hero! Duffy saves panicked pedestrian Carrie
Unsung <a href="/holby-city-home/" data-source-seowords>Holby </a>hero! Duffy saves panicked pedestrian Carrie (Image credit: BBC)

In Casualty this week Ciaran questions whether Duffy’s fit to work. Archie reconsiders her loyalty to Connie. Jacob makes a shocking personal discovery…

Our favourite Casualty characters are faced with heart-wrenching decisions this week. Duffy feels pressurised by Ciaran into ending her nursing career, Jacob tries to persuade Omo to have further treatment, and will Jade forgive Marty?

Warning: Contains spoilers!

Duffy to step down?

Fired up! Ciaran has a quiet word in Duffy's ear about resigning. Will she defy his bullying tactics?

Fired up! Ciaran has a quiet word in Duffy's ear about resigning. Will she defy his bullying tactics? (Image credit: BBC)

With over thirty years of nursing experience under her belt, nurse Duffy Fairhead is considered the beating heart of Holby ED. Since publicly declaring her dementia diagnosis, close colleagues and friends have supported the popular nurse’s decision to continue working. Yet Duffy doubts herself this week when she’s faced with treating a patient on a roadside without the support of her co-workers!

While Duffy’s heading to her hospital shift, a young teenager runs into the bus she’s travelling to work in. Although the girl, a diabetic called Carrie, seems seriously injured, at first Duffy hesitates and stays in her seat. It’s not until another passenger spots Duffy’s uniform and asks for her help that she springs into action…

Using only a basic first aid kit, another passenger’s scarf, and a sports drink Duffy (Cathy Shipton) heroically manages to save young Carrie’s arm and raise her dangerously low blood pressure. Yet back at the hospital tough trouble-shooter Ciaran Coulson criticises Duffy’s decision to treat Carrie at the scene and tries to take her off the case!

Ciaran (Rick Warden) is forced to relent when Carrie’s foster mum Emma turns up at the ED singing Duffy’s praises… He realises it would look suspicious if Duffy was moved to another patient!

Later when Carrie (From Darkness star Cora Tsang) suddenly suffers an unexplained seizure, Ciaran is quick to blame Duffy. He questions whether she administered the correct dosage of glucose due to her vascular dementia. Ciaran pressurises Duffy into recalling every detail of her treatment of Carrie. Yet defiant Duffy stands her ground and remains adamant she did everything correctly.

It’s clear bullyboy Ciaran (nicknamed ‘Mr Mean’ by online Duffy fans) has his own agenda. Is he right to doubt Duffy? And can he force her to step down?

Jacob’s shocking discovery

Jacob learns uncomfortable home truths when he cares for mum Omo

Jacob learns uncomfortable home truths when he cares for mum Omo (Image credit: BBC)

Nurse Jacob Masters has moved in with his mum, Omo, who has stage 4 pancreatic, to help take care of her. But their reunion is an uneasy one and both Jacob and Omo rub each other the wrong way.

Omo is admitted to the ED when her health suddenly goes downhill this week. After running tests doctor Dylan Keogh has some sad news for Jacob and Omo. And there are more shocks to come when Omo makes an astounding revelation about Jacob’s father…

Team Ciaran and Archie? #Carchie

Can Ciaran persuade Archie to team up against their common enemy?

Can Ciaran persuade Archie to team up against their common enemy? (Image credit: BBC)

In the battle for the ED, Ciaran realises something is troubling Archie and tries to get her to open up to him. Archie is clearly struggling with Connie’s accusations that she made a mistake in Resus.

Shaken by Connie’s lies, will Archie form an alliance with Ciaran?

Also this week

Connie makes herself scarce from the ED again this week, giving Ciaran a free hand. However, when Connie discovers Ciaran has pushed Duffy into folding up her uniform she’s furious!

David tests junior nurses Jade and Marty’s patient and diagnostic skills. Meanwhile, Jade channels her favourite singer when writing her bursary application and Marty’s keeping a secret! Will he come clean before Jade finds out and feels betrayed?



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