Casualty spoilers: Ethan Hardy confesses he killed Scott to shocked Alicia!

Ethan Hardy confesses to Alicia
Now Alicia knows Ethan's shocking killer secret what will she do? (Image credit: BBC)

Will Ethan’s admission that he killed Scott Ellisson be more than traumatised Alicia can handle?

There’s a confessional atmosphere in Casualty this week when Leigh-Anne, Ethan Hardy and Alicia Munroe all decide it’s time to unburden their secrets in a series of powerful scenes!

New mum Leigh-Anne Carr sets the ball rolling when she turns up at the ED so desperate to see Ethan that she pretends her son Kiegan is sick! With Ethan unavailable doctor Alicia Munroe ends up treating baby Kiegan. But when Alicia is short tempered, lovesick Leigh-Anne threatens to report Ethan for having an inappropriate relationship with her!

How long before Leigh-Anne realises Ethan Hardy killed her boyfriend Scott Ellisson?

How long before Leigh-Anne realises Ethan Hardy killed her boyfriend Scott Ellisson? (Image credit: BBC)

Alicia, who’s barely managing to cope following her secret rape trauma, confronts Ethan about his dodgy fling with Leigh-Anne. Ethan reveals he knows it was wrong and that he dumped Leigh-Anne because he has deep feelings for Alicia…

The plot thickens after Alicia talks Leigh-Anne out of ruining Ethan’s career. Grateful Ethan decides it’s time he and Alicia were completely honest with each other. However, just as Alicia is about to open up about being sexually assaulted by colleague Eddie McAllister, Ethan blurts out that he killed Scott Ellisson! Will his confession be too much for fragile Alicia, who’s going through so much on her own?

Connie rounds up the usual suspects

Connie rounds up the usual suspects (Image credit: BBC)

Also this week, Connie and Elle cement their friendship when they spot an opportunity for some fun at work! After Connie realises her goldfish, Mrs B, has been replaced with an imposter, Elle encourages Connie to make life uncomfortable for Noel, Gem and Rash, who were looking after Mrs B last week…

Can you feel the heat between Jacob and Sam?

Can you feel the heat between Jacob and Sam? (Image credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, hospital nurse Jacob Masters shares his best romantic tips with son Blake when the teenager admits he has feelings for someone. Meanwhile, the strong sexual tension between Jacob and paramedic Sam intensifies when Jacob joins Sam and (third-wheel) Iain on ambulance duties.

In other stories, Robyn seeks out extra shifts so she can pay her extortionate parking fines – but will she tell Louise, who is protesting against the parking fine company? Bea is deeply concerned for Alicia, who’s constantly on edge. Eddie gives Rash some dating advice when he spots him mooning over Gem. And can David make a difference for an elderly couple struggling to leave their home?

Casualty is shown on Saturdays on BBC1.

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