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Casualty spoilers: Faith Cadogan dumps Lev for Dylan?

Faith pays a late night call to Dylan in Casualty
Rocking the boat? Faith pays a late night call to Dylan in <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a> (Image credit: BBC)

Faith Cadogan realises she can no longer live a lie in Casualty, and Fenisha Khatri is haunted by intrusive thoughts…

Warning: Casualty spoilers about Faith Cadogan, Lev Malinovsky, Dylan Keogh, Connie Beauchamp, Leon Cook, Grace Strachan-Beauchamp, Fenisha Khatri, Ethan Hardy and more...

Faith Cadogan makes a shock decision

Distressed Faith calls it quits with Lev

Faith no more! Distressed Faith calls it quits with Lev (Image credit: BBC)

Troubled couple Faith and Lev are torn apart in Casualty this week when the ED nurse finally realises they’re living a painful lie.

The moment of clarity arrives after Faith sees Lev chatting to attractive fireman Lamar (Age Before Beauty star Eugene Collins) and begins following her husband via a phone app.

Unsettled by her actions Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) confronts Lev (Uriel Emil) in the ambulance station and realises she can’t be with a man she can’t trust, no matter how much they care for each other.

Faith declares their marriage is over, leaving Lev heartbroken. She then decides to pay Dylan Keogh a late night visit at his boat…

Could the end of Faith’s marriage to Lev mean the beginning of something with Dylan?

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Fenisha’s baby nightmare

Fenisha pops into the ED with Bodhi

Fenisha pops into the ED to ask Ethan to go on paternity leave (Image credit: BBC)

Fenisha Khatri hasn’t had the easiest introduction to motherhood. From giving birth in a forest to baby Bodhi developing life-threatening seizures in the first weeks of his life, it’s been a tough time for the paramedic.

This week single mum Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) is haunted by terrible thoughts of harm coming to Bodhi, including him falling or being run over. Fenisha is so terrified she even ties her scarf to Bodhi’s pram and wraps it around her wrist to keep him safe.

Disturbed by these intrusive flashes, frightened Fenisha asks Bodhi’s dad Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) to take parental leave so she can return to work. Ethan’s surprised but agrees.

Will he realise Fenisha is secretly struggling?

Robyn to the rescue

Robyn realises Fenisha is struggling

A friend in need... Robyn realises Fenisha is struggling (Image credit: BBC)

Nurse Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) instinctively recognises that all is not well with Fenisha and helps the new mum talk about her anxieties, reassuring her in the process.

Kind-hearted Robyn then gently encourages Ethan and Fenisha to open up to each other.

Guided by Robyn, Ethan has a heart-to-heart with Fenisha and decides he wants to be more involved in caring for his son and helping Fenisha.

Ethan invites Fenisha and Bodhi to move in with him. But, after everything that’s happened between them, will Fenisha accept?

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Also in Casualty this week

Grace gets to grips with her mum's medical career

Mother and daughter time. Grace gets to grips with her mum's medical career (Image credit: BBC)

Connie and Grace are getting along famously - although Connie (Amanda Mealing) is still giving paramedic Leon Cook a hard time at every opportunity!

This week Grace (Emily Carey) questions Connie about her medical career. Could Grace’s new interest in following in her mother’s footsteps be leading to an exit storyline for Amanda Mealing, who recently announced she’s taking a break from BBC1’s medical drama?

Elsewhere, Leon Harrop, Lizzie Roper, Shaun Thomas and Eugene Collins guest star in Casualty this week in a moving storyline packed with heroism, lies, loneliness and friendship.

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 at 8.20pm Saturday 13 March 2021