Casualty spoilers: Fenisha and Ethan reach breaking point!

Fenisha is in shock when Ethan comes clean in Casualty
Fenisha is in shock when Ethan comes clean in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Heartache for new mum Fenisha in Casualty. Plus Jade’s life is in danger during a night out…

In Casualty this week there is a shocking new development in Fenisha and Ethan's relationship, while Jade suffers a nightmare attack.

Warning: Casualty spoilers about Fenisha Khatri, Ethan Hardy, Jade Lovall, Faith Cadogan, Dylan Keogh, Iain Dean, Jan Jenning, Leon Cook, Jacob Masters and more…

Ethan’s revelations leave Fenisha devastated

Ethan and Fenisha are getting on like a house on fire since deciding to co-parent their newborn son Bodhi. But heartache is waiting in the wings…

This week, as Ethan (George Rainsford) and Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) grow closer, the ED doctor realises he has to be honest about his rare, degenerative Huntington’s disease.

Paramedic Fenisha is stunned when Ethan reveals the truth and explains that there’s a 50% chance their baby may inherit it. She immediately realises motherhood will never be the same again, as Bodhi can’t be tested for the gene until he’s 18.

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Smiling through the tears. Fenisha with baby Bodhi in Casualty

Smiling through the tears. Fenisha is secretly devastated (Image credit: BBC)

As shocked Fenisha processes this life-changing information, Ethan’s past behaviour suddenly makes sense. From his visible relief when he thought she’d had a termination after their one-night stand, to his reluctance to be involved when Fenisha revealed her pregnancy…

After a long night of talking and soul searching, caring Fenisha ultimately decides they need to deal with this together. Ethan is visibly relieved but, once alone, Fenisha breaks down in tears at the thought of losing both Ethan and Bodhi…

Will this revelation change everything?

Jade attacked

Jade in the ED after a horrific night in Casualty

Heartbreaking scenes. Jade is left distraught after being targeted on a night out (Image credit: BBC)

A fun night out for nurses Faith and Jade takes a sinister turn when Jade’s drink is spiked.

Before this the two nurses are having a great time, blowing off some steam and sharing secrets, with Faith confiding in Jade about the intricacies of her marriage to Lev and her suspension from work.

While Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) is getting cocktails at the bar, Jade (Gabriella Leon) becomes disorientated, collapses and is dragged off by a mystery man in chilling scenes…

Faith is horrified to turn around and find Jade gone with all of her belongings discarded on the floor. Faith begins a frantic search, while Jade is led away from the club.

Can Faith find her friend before the unspeakable happens?

Also in Casualty this week

Jacob is not impressed by Tina's saucy behaviour in Casualty

If looks could chill. Jacob turns frosty after Tina's saucy behaviour (Image credit: BBC)

Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) is left red faced when girlfriend Tina Mollett (Adele James) leaves him a saucy note.

Unfortunately, nurse David Hide (Jason Durr) accidentally reads it first, leaving Jacob fuming at Tina’s unprofessionalism.

Are cracks starting to show for the new couple, or will they kiss and make up?

Elsewhere, Iain pops into the ambulance station looking for Jan, who’s occupied with Bodhi and Fenisha. Leon, meanwhile, is overawed to meet the legendary paramedic and asks Iain for advice.

And Faith enlists Dylan Keogh’s help and discretion after a night out takes a terrifying turn…

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 on Saturday 24th April 2021 at 8.20pm.

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