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Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning Se 2 Ep 3

Coronation Street actor Brian Capron joins Channel 5's Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning, taking over from Todd Carty in the penultimate episode

We didn’t think this colourful travelogue could get any more fun – but we were wrong!

This week former Coronation Street star Brian Capron, 71,  joins the gang as they head to Cornwall, and along with some fresh banter this experienced caravanner brings a little bit of expertise!

'I love caravans,' says Brian, best known for playing Corrie villain Richard Hillman.

'I used to have one and now I have a motorhome – how tragic am I?! My wife and I go to festivals in it. So I thought it’d be fun to join the show. But being the newbie, I didn’t like to look like a know-all!' he confesses.

'So I helped out with things like zipping up the awning, but I tried not to instruct them.'

Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning Se 2 Ep 3

Next stop: Sonia, Sherrie and Brian at Treleague Farm - and someone tickle the dog!

After poor Colin Baker faces yet another scrape, the gang begin their adventure at the Tamar Bridge – the gateway to Cornwall – before they visit Bodmin, try ghost-hunting at Jamaica Inn and sample a cream tea.

Tony Blackburn ups the excitement with an aerial adventure at a disused quarry, but the girls are not enjoying themselves quite as much – particularly after problems with their heater!

TV Times rating: ****


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