Charlie sacked thanks to Big Mac!

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Charlie plays a dangerous game as he attempts to cover up Big Mac’s pill addiction this week!

Charlie is still hiding painkillers in his locker that Mac stole from a hospital visitor last week. But unknown to the senior nurse, hospital CEO Henrik Hanssen has put pressure on new consultant Elle (Jaye Griffiths) to uncover the culprit…

Elle does some digging and soon alarm bells start to ring about Charlie. So when he leaves his staff locker open she takes a look inside – and discovers the stolen pills! Disappointed, Elle is forced to put her personal feelings for Charlie aside and reports him to nurse manager Rita, who reluctantly takes the matter to clinical lead Connie.

Forced to act, Connie and Rita haul Charlie in to explain himself and he admits he’s been holding the pills for a friend. But when he refuses to reveal it’s Big Mac, Connie and Rita have no choice but to put Charlie on immediate suspension!

As Charlie’s marched out of the ED, his stunned co-workers learn what’s happened and that Elle is responsible for dropping Charlie in it.

Elsewhere, Rita’s state of mind is shaky as she’s still reeling from seeing paramedic boyfriend Iain go off with another woman last week… even though he’d invited her to move in with him while she sorted out a new place to live.

Iain desperately want to talk to her so he can end their relationship. Rita, however, is so furious and upset by his betrayal she sends him packing before he gets the chance!

But everything changes when Rita discovers her car tyres have been slashed at the end of her shift! In a state of shock, terrified Rita runs back to the ED, where Iain bumps into her. He promises to help petrified Rita, who seems to have a stalker…

Also this week, Dylan continues to try and befriend Max through chess. Robyn collides into new love interest, Glen, while she and David are promoting their new mortality cafe. But should Robyn be careful?

And Ethan – egged on by his big brother Cal – asks out a patient with the retro Joey-from-Friends quote: ‘How you doing?’ Surprisingly, she drags him to the store cupboard so they can get to know each other better, but it soon transpires she’s desperate to get pregnant!

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