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Chas finds out Aaron and Robert’s killer secret!

*First episode*

Once Aaron has started, he can’t stop. Having kept quiet about Katie’s death for so long, he’s almost relieved to be able to confess the truth to Chas and Paddy. But Chas is appalled and reels in horror as her son explains how Robert pushed Katie to her death at Wylie’s Farm and how Aaron then helped him cover it up. Paddy then reveals how Robert tried to shoot him. Chas wants to go to the police, but Aaron and Paddy know if she does, they too will be implicated. They manage to persuade her not to.

Meanwhile, Andy is still fighting with Robert, who knocks the phone out of his brother’s hand when he threatens to tell the police he killed Katie. After pleading with Andy to trust him, Robert does an about-turn and confesses to killing Andy’s wife. A fight breaks out and, later, Andy reports his brother for murder.

Elsewhere, Ashley is sorting out Harriet’s birthday, but his plan to throw a low-key dinner party gets trumped by Bob, who reckons a fancy dress party would be loads more fun.