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Has Christmas been ruined for Billy and Honey?

EastEnders Billy Mitchell Honey Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Billy and Honey are horrified to discover that they’ve been burgled in EastEnders

Billy and Honey are horrified when their flat is burgled. As well as losing the cash from their wedding fund, all of Janet’s Christmas presents have been stolen. Billy tries to stay positive, but it doesn’t go down well when he reveals that they weren’t insured. Later, Billy makes a touching gesture.

The Mitchells are stunned when a Police Public Protection Officer turns up at the door, wanting to check on Jay’s living conditions. When the officer discovers that Jay shares a house with Louise, he demands that Jay find somewhere else to stay. Furious with the family being under attack, Phil insists that Jay is going nowhere.

Meanwhile, Linda is upset by Billy and Honey’s break in. When Billy remains optimistic, it encourages Linda not to feel so down. Linda tells the family that she’s not going to let what happened spoil her Christmas and she starts making plans for the grotto.