Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt and Nick Tilsley appear in court

David Platt and Nick in the dock in Coronation Street

What will the outcome be when David Platt and Nick Tilsley appear before the judge? One-hour episode tonight!

Gail gets all the family together in Coronation Street to try and iron out their differences but David Platt and Nick point out they are in breach of their bail conditions by being in the same room as Audrey.

As the meeting looks like it’s going to descend into chaos Gail says they have to hold an ornament, pass it round and only the person holding it can speak.

Nick and David remain at loggerheads and tussle over the ornament sending it flying. Will this family reach a truce? Gail is fretting about David and Nick appearing in court and Audrey is stunned to realise she has abandoned her in favour of going to court to look out for them. What will the outcome be?

Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt and Nick Tilsley appear in court

David and Nick in the dock

Having seen Paul with a dodgy mate in Victoria Gardens, before giving Billy some snazzy bluetooth headphones, Sean jumps to conclusions when the medical centre charity box goes missing and tells Moira he thinks it was Paul.

Paul is furious when a police officer comes to quiz him about the charity box theft. Discovering that Moira reported him on Sean’s say so, Billy has to stop him from going for Sean. Later, Sean is shaken but as he heads into the ginnel he is punched in the face.

Paul is furious when a police officer comes to quiz him about the charity box theft.

Paul is fuming in the Rovers

Beth drops the bombshell that Carla has gifted her factory shares to the workforce and Nick’s outraged. Carla tentatively approaches Kate and tells her how sorry she is and how she wishes she’d heeded Gary’s warning about the roof.

Kate dissolves into tears and Carla holds her. Peter asks Michelle if she can find a few shifts for Carla at the bistro as it would be a welcome distraction. When Michelle reveals that she’s going to be helping Alya and could do with some cover at the bistro, Carla agrees to step in and Peter’s delighted.

 In Speed Daal, a chap called Ray introduces himself to Yasmeen and Alya explaining he’s organising a charity fundraiser at one of his hotels and would like to hire them to do the catering. Yasmeen’s flattered but when Geoff suggests she’s too old to be taking on extra work, she’s crestfallen. With Geoff’s words ringing in her ears, Yasmeen tells Alya to go ahead and take up Ray’s offer but to count her out.

Steve heads off to Tiny’s stables armed with a rucksack full of unicorn paraphernalia.He shows Michael some pictures of Tiny dressed as a unicorn but swears him to secrecy, as Tim would be furious. Michael offers to help him with marketing. At Ryan’s insistence, Michelle buries the hatchet with Alya and agrees to help with the outside catering event.

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