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Coronation Street spoilers: Jenny Bradley gets on the wrong side of Rita…

Rita and Jenny in Coronation Street

Rita takes offence when Jenny Bradley makes her an offer

Jenny Bradley asks Rita to spend the afternoon at Winter Wonderland but the excitement evaporates when Rita takes offence at being treated like a charity case and calls off the outing, leaving Jenny baffled in this episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Rita and Jenny in Coonation Street

Jenny is shocked by Rita's outburst!

As Robert waits in his cell to set off for court, he’s puzzled to learn from Paula there’s been a delay as new information has come to light. Will Robert work out that he’s been played?

Paula and Robert in Coronation Street

Paula has new for Robert...

Derek offers to delay the factory sale for Nick and Sarah until they raise the cash, but only if they can lay down £10k right now. Nick and Sarah ask the factory workers to raise the £10k.

Derek explains to Izzy he needs money to take his kids on a promised holiday to Florida or he’ll lose them forever, so Izzy approaches Gary for a loan to fund her share of the £10k. Gary’s seething that Derek’s trying to sell a building that actually belongs to him.

Roy calls at Richard’s flat to find the landlord hammering on the door demanding unpaid rent money. Nina ignores Roy’s attempts to get her to open the door and remains barricaded in the flat.