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The court case begins. Will Rhona cope?

Rhona Goskirk
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Rhona and Pierce appear in court as the rape case begins

The moment Rhona's been dreading has finally arrived. Today, she will face her husband Pierce, who raped her on their wedding day. And Rhona knows full well Pierce is going to twist the truth.

After telling her side of the tale of that terrible day, which saw Pierce take her home after tying the knot in church and force himself on her, she breaks down. Pierce, who's pleading 'not guilty', then takes the stand and, sure enough, reels out a pack of lies.

With Aaron gone and their relationship all but over, Robert is in a dark dark place. Hitting the bottle to try to drink away his pain, Robert ends up in actual agony as he falls down the stairs. Taking pity on her ex-lover, Rebecca, who's carrying his love child, takes him to hospital.

Lachlan's birthday looms, and leaves him reflecting on how his life has turned out thus far.