Crime and Punishment - C4

A warder locks up

Crime and Punishment heads into HMP Winchester, where prison conditions are leading to unrest

Another excellent real-life documentary from 72 Films, who recently gave us Rise of the Nazis, Crime and Punishment looks at the whole justice system.

A soup-to-nuts affair, the series includes looks at the work of the police, prosecution, prison, parole and probation services.

All have difficult and often unlovely jobs. All are coping with difficult cases and managing risk to the public and themselves, with limited resources.

Filmed over 48 hours, this hard-hitting series continues tonight behind the barbed-wire gates at HMP Winchester in Hampshire.

Back of prisoner with freedom tattoo

Freedom? A prisoner in HMP Winchester

In May 2018, after months of unrest – fuelled by the conditions and chronic staff shortages – matters finally come to a head.

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The prison was in chaos, inmates were not getting their medication, self-harming incidents increased and the situation was becoming increasingly dangerous for everyone concerned.

The pressure clearly had to find a release point…

TV Times rating: ****