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Denise meets Cora at the food bank!

EastEnders - Denise Fox Cora Cross
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

When Denise heads to the food bank she’s surprised to find Cora Cross working there

Denise realises that she has been left with no choice but to go to the food bank. With all pride destroyed she heads over there. When she arrives, however, she finds Cora Cross working there! Too embarrassed to face someone she knows, Denise leaves without taking anything.

Whitney is feeling troubled over Lee’s divorce application. Trying to distract herself, she heads out shopping, but ends up forgetting her purse. Realising what she’s done, Woody finds the purse and takes it to her. In the shopping centre, Woody finds Whitney, but he gets a shock over what he sees...

Also, Ian works hard to lose weight, but will his extra effort pay off?