Diana Ross & The Supremes: Music Icons – Sky Arts

Diana Ross & The Supremes: Music Icons

Sky Arts’ Music Icons documentary series returns with a musical history of legendary Motown girl group Diana Ross & The Supremes

Tonight’s new series of Sky Arts’ Music Icons, the programme which delves into music history, begins with Diana Ross & The Supremes (pictured above).

They started out as The Primettes, a ‘sister’ group to The Primes (later The Temptations), and while Motown boss Berry Gordy liked their audition, he thought they were too young.

Diana Ross & The Supremes: Music Icons

Diana Ross & The Supremes are the subject of the first in a new series of Sky Arts' Music Icons

Undaunted, Diane – she later changed it to Diana – Mary Wilson and Flo Ballard hung out at the studio every day and their persistence paid off when they became one of the biggest girl groups in history, and had huge hits such as Baby Love and Stop! In The Name of Love. 

This will be followed at 8.30pm by Chicago: Music Icons, a profile of the American rock group, singers of If You leave Me Now, and one of the world's best-selling groups of all time.

TV Times rating: ***