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Dixie’s teen trauma!

(Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Paramedic Dixie usually just deals with her patients efficiently, dispatches them to the emergency department, and moves on. This week, however, motherly instincts take over after she treats a mouthy teenage boy, Leo, who’s seriously injured in an accident after stealing a motorbike. The troubled youth needs emergency surgery to save his leg, but he’s refusing treatment and won’t give his details to the doctors. With no parents on the scene, concerned Dixie realises she has to get involved.

She manages to get through to Leo and convinces him the medics will do everything they can to save his leg – if he lets them. Leo bravely accepts his fate, and tells his estranged father he doesn’t need him to stay. However, he would like Dixie to stick around. Dixie, who recently discovered her lover Carol had booked them a surprise holiday before she tragically died, assures Leo she’ll be there when he wakes up from surgery.

Elsewhere, nurse Robyn is flattered when handsome doctor Cal helps her with her trauma assessment. She begins to think he likes her and, encouraged by her work pals, is on the verge of making a move when Cal leaves with a glamorous woman.

Meanwhile, Lily’s treatment of a morbidly obese patient leaves Rita hopping mad. She manages to bite her tongue but is left seething when Lily claims to have noticed the patient has a heart problem, when in fact Rita was the one who spotted it! When the patient crashes, Rita's pent up frustration gets the better of her and she berates Lily in front of Zoe and Connie.

At the end of the shift Charlie tells Connie - who has offered to take over as Lily's mentor - he knows what she's up to! And Zoe discovers cheeky porter Max has bought her an expensive bunch of flowers - and kisses him passionately in thanks!