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Doctors spoilers: Daniel Granger clashes with Zara Carmichael over daughter Izzie

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Daniel Granger

Zara is getting increasingly annoyed by the amount of time Daniel is dedicating to his tween-age daughter Izzie. Is an almightly row brewing?

It was never going to be easy when Daniel Granger's tween-age daughter Izzie Torres suddenly came to live with him and wife Zara Carmichael in Letherbridge.

Now Zara is starting to wonder what kind of tween trouble they have taken on, since Daniel seems to be constantly on the phone to Izzie. So when Zara hears how Izzie is playing up and demanding an expensive bus pass so she can take herself to and from school, will Zara put her foot down and warn Daniel he needs to stop giving into Izzie's every demand?

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the funeral, nurse Ayesha Lee thinks she may have an idea how surgery practice manager Mrs Tembe can be convinced to return to work again after recovering from the recent car crash. Ayesha believes Mrs Tembe needs to see just how lost the staff of The Mill are without her on board.

But when Ayesha 'innocently' tells Mrs Tembe she needs some expert advice and asks her to accompany her to a used car showroom to look for a new vehicle to buy, will Mrs Tembe see through Ayesha's plan?

Doctors, Miranda Hill, Sid Vere

Sid has his hands full with flirty patient Miranda! (Picture: BBC)

Also, stressed-out Sid Vere has been left to run the minor surgery unit. And he certainly has his hands full when a flirty patient Miranda Hill pulls Sid into an embrace to thank him for removing a skin tag. But she also touches Sid inappropriately! What will Sid do?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One