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Does Ash know who killed Dean?

Phoebe tells Kyle about Brax’s arrest, which causes him to discharge himself from hospital against medical advice. Ash tells police officer Kat his theory, but she say they had looked into Sam Kennedy and he is not considered a suspect. Ash offers to go back to the bush to get a confession and after signing in at the police station Brax goes with him.

Jett is upset that John is seriously considering moving away from the Braxtons and Marilyn urges him to reconsider. John overhears Kyle and Phoebe arguing and asks Brax if he can expect more trouble. Brax says he can’t guarantee their safety so John compromises with Marilyn and says they can spend the night in Alf’s home.

When Josh and Evelyn arrive at the hospital, Hannah says nothing about her condition, leaving Denny to tell Evelyn she may never walk again.