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Does Stacey have a stalker?

After watching Lily at church in the Christingle celebration, Stacey opens up to Dot about seeing a vision of her dad when she was electrocuted on Halloween. Staying behind to pray, Stacey is shaken when she realises the mysterious stranger from Halloween has been sitting right behind her. Sharing her fears with Martin, Stacey says she thinks she’s being followed.

Mick notices that Linda is becoming increasingly stressed and distracted. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Mick sits Linda down and encourages her to open up. He’s stunned when Linda finally confesses that she can’t go through with the wedding...

Babe tries to make amends with Linda by going all out to make the Victorian Day in the Square a success. Meanwhile, after Linda finds a shambling Cora in the alley, she tries to get through to the council to find Cora somewhere to live. When Linda has no success, Babe comes up with plan, gathering up the local residents to stage a protest at the council Christmas lunch. When the stand off works and Cora is given a place in sheltered housing, an impressed Linda tells Babe she can return to the Vic.