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Donna Jackson's back at Holby!

Jaye Jacobs plays Donna Jackson in Holby City

The ballsy nurse returns to AAU, but will everyone be pleased to see her?

There's a familiar face at Holby when former ward sister Donna Jackson turns up on AAU. Hoping she'll be welcomed with open arms, Donna's shocked to find AAU in a sombre mood following the recent tragedy. She wastes no time in rubbing Fletch up the wrong way, too, as she struggles with him telling her what to do. Wanting to pick up where she left off, will Donna feel she can stick around a place that's changed so much?

Meanwhile, the Darwin team are shocked when Jac returns to work determined to move on from recent traumatic events. When a young patient arrives convinced her life-threatening condition is the result of bad karma, a guilty Fran tries to get Jac to open up to her. But is Jac ready to face her complicated feelings?

Also, Ma Levy plays Cupid when she sets lovelorn Sacha up on a blind date with a religious woman, hoping he’ll reconnect with his lapsed Judaism. But is Sacha ready to take a leap of faith and find new love?