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Donna tries to reunite her family

Donna meets up with Claudette, who admits she misses Vincent and Pearl, asking for Donna's help in getting Vincent to soften towards her. Approaching Vincent, Donna tries to bring up Claudette, but a furious Vincent storms off, refusing to discuss it.

Ian visits Bobby then heads to the hospital to tell Jane what's happening. When Jane reveals she's moving away with her mum, Ian is distraught. Despite struggling, Kathy does her best to keep the restaurant in business, grateful when Roxy steps in to help. Reaching breaking point, Ian tells Kathy to shut the restaurant, confessing that Jane has left him. Finding a distressed Ian, Masood tries to comfort him. After leaving Ian alone and going to get Kathy, Masood returns to find Ian has gone...

Roxy insists to Jay that she's getting herself back on track. When she tries to reach out to Amy, however, she's cut off by Jack. When Donna explains her plans to expand her market stall, Roxy offers to help. Meanwhile, Roxy gets some attention when Andy takes a shine to her.