Double Casualty Spoilers: Jacob Masters is ruthlessly manipulated by Tina!

Jacob is not impressed by Tina's behaviour in Casualty
Jacob is hurt and confused by Tina's changeable behaviour in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

In a special double bill of Casualty Jacob Masters is conned into making a life-changing decision, and Lev is arrested for beating up a patient...

BBC1 treats Casualty fans to two more explosive episodes of the popular medical drama this week. The first of the action-packed double-bill sees terrified Ethan Hardy forced to make a difficult decision about his future due to symptoms of Huntington’s disease. In the second episode Jacob Masters is horribly manipulated by Tina into living with her! Plus Lev is arrested after a violent assault… 

Full spoilers for both episodes below!

Warning: Casualty spoilers about Lev Malinovsky, Ethan Hardy, Fenisha Khatri, Jan Jenning, Charlie Fairhead, Faith Cadogan, Iain Dean, Jacob Masters, Tina Mollett, and more…

Casualty episode airing Saturday 05 June at 8.40pm on BBC1

Lev punches a patient

Jan begs Lev to open up in Casualty

Jan begs Lev to open up in Casualty before he loses his job (Image credit: BBC)

Paramedic Lev Malinovsky’s life comes crashing down in this week’s dramatic double-helping of Casualty.

Saturday’s first episode opens with Lev (Uriel Emil) happy for the first time in forever, as he spends time with new boyfriend Xander Hayes. It all goes horribly wrong, however, when the couple go for brunch and Lev reacts angrily to nasty homophonic jibes from fellow diner, Sam...

Later, Lev finds Sam (Harri Rees-Jones) beaten up and takes him to the ED for treatment. But he loses his temper again when secret drug addict Sam launches another torrent of disgusting insults. Lev, who’s spent a lifetime hiding his sexuality, sees red and violently attacks Sam! 

Horrified, Xander (Danny Szam) instantly dumps Lev. Then Sam presses charges! With brokenhearted Lev refusing to tell anyone why he punched a patient he’s arrested and taken in for questioning…

‘Lev has many conflicting elements,’ says Uriel, 46. ‘His inability to be honest is the key to understanding his inner conflict and fragile state of mind.’

Ethan’s health fears

Ethan contemplates his future in Casualty

Ethan contemplates his future in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Terrified Ethan Hardy is unable to treat a patient for the first time due to symptoms of Huntington’s disease.

Ethan lies about why he left Rash alone in Resus. Later, worried about the future, Ethan pushes Fenisha towards her ex Matthew. He offers to babysit their son Bodhi so Fenisha can go on a date with the new locum doctor...

Also in this episode of Casualty

Ethan and Matthew are both in love with Fenisha in Casualty

Ethan, Fenisha and Matthew are trapped in a classic Casualty love triangle... (Image credit: BBC)

Matthew quizzes Ethan about Fenisha. Will Ethan be able to hide his true feelings?

When Ffion turns up to arrest Lev, Jan encourages him to tell the police why he really attacked Sam - otherwise he could lose everything... 

And Charlie is confused when Sam’s gran Irene claims to know him! Is something afoot for Mr Fairhead?

Casualty episode airing Saturday 05 June at 9.20pm on BBC1

Faith is furious with Lev

Faith sits Lev down and tries to get him to open up in Casualty

Arrested development. Faith attempts to get Lev to open up... (Image credit: BBC)

In this week’s second episode of Casualty Faith Cadogan vents her fury to paramedic Iain Dean about husband Lev hiding in a hotel while she cares for their three children.

Meanwhile, Lev comes close to punching another patient in the ED!

After Iain encourages Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) to cut Lev some slack she seeks out her estranged husband and attempts to help him get to the root of his anger issues. But with Lev clamming up, Faith decides to reach out to Xander.

In an emotional heart-to-heart, Xander reveals why he split up with Lev and explains exactly why the paramedic assaulted Sam. Realising that Lev needs people who love him on his side, Faith begs Xander to convince Lev to tell the truth about the incident with Sam. 

Will Lev’s wife and lover join forces to support the troubled paramedic?

Tina’s jealousy raises red flags

Jacob is shocked when Tina flirts with Matthew in Casualty

Is Matthew about to get involved in a second love triangle, this time with Jacob and Tina? (Image credit: BBC)

Jacob Masters and Tina Mollett are the picture of happiness following their declarations of love last week. But worryingly the relationship takes a sinister turn in Saturday’s second episode of Casualty...

When Tina (Adele James) suggests they move in together, Jacob (Charles Venn) insists he’s happy with how things are, leaving his other half feeling hurt and rejected.

Throughout the ensuing shift Tina’s insecurity begins to manifest in an increasingly erratic manner. First she flirts with Matthew to make Jacob jealous. When that fails Tina begins to flounder in her nursing duties. She is resentful when Jade shines in Resus while she struggles, and afterwards is furious with Jacob for heaping praise on the young nurse. 

Tina gives Jacob the cold shoulder in Casualty

From the cold shoulder to calculated manipulations, Tina's behaviour towards Jacob Masters is cause for concern in Casualty... (Image credit: BBC)

Jacob, unable to understand why Tina is blowing hot and cold, confronts her and explains he simply doesn’t want to rush their relationship. Insecure Tina, however, believes his reluctance to take the next step is related to his feelings for Connie Beauchamp! 

Later, Tina spies an opportunity to manipulate Jacob. Ensuring she’s alone with unpredictable patient Dean she goads him into assaulting her. And it works! Jacob caves and asks Tina to move in with him… 

Also in this episode of Casualty

Paul takes a shine to Robyn, but can she trust him?

School daze. Paul takes a shine to Robyn, but can she trust him? (Image credit: BBC)

New receptionist Paul Pegg turns out to be an old school friend of Robyn Miller’s! When he struggles to get to grips with the hospital IT system she covers for him. But just why is Paul (Emmerdale’s Paul Popplewell) so vague about his past? 

Later, Robyn (Amanda Henderson) opens up about how much she’s struggling. Will Paul’s plan to help Robyn backfire?

Dylan Keogh treats tricky patient Dean, who thinks he’s a superhero. Can Dylan solve this medical mystery?

BBC1’s special double bill episodes of Casualty air on Saturday 05 June at 8.40pm and 9.20pm.

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