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Duncan Stewart has some home truths for Alf

Duncan Stewart in Home and Away

Duncan Stewart reveals that Alf was a terrible father...

Duncan reveals to Tori that he is flying her and her friends and family to a winery, then finds out Alf paid his child support. When Duncan confronts him, Alf puts his son down and Duncan reveals Alf was a terrible father when Ailsa died, leaving Alf shaken.

Justin and Phoebe may have finally found the elusive book when they discover a receipt for a storage unit. The pair rush down to the storage unit - but will the code work?

Hunter decides to speak to Olivia, who reveals that Tabitha said that he'd said her cutting scars were disgusting, leaving him shocked. He denies it but will Olivia end their toxic relationship?

Also, Leah and Zac are thrilled when Zac is offered the role of Principle of Summer Bay High. Yet the happy times don't last long, when Leah finds out that Zac has told a major lie….