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Doctor Dylan Keogh’s personal life has always been strictly private, but this week that all changes when his estranged father turns up in the ED!

Currently Dylan is struggling to keep his OCD compulsions under wraps and carry on with work, but his mind goes into overdrive when his truck driver father Brian and young girlfriend Hazel, wind up in A&E after Brian crashes his truck.

Dylan’s tested to the max when Brian goads his son at given opportunity… when no one else is around! Then, when it emerges Hazel is pregnant Dylan’s forced to relive his horrible childhood, after she begs him to tell her what his philandering father was really like as a dad. Reluctantly Dylan reveals that after his two-timing alcoholic father left his mother, Dylan was put into care…

And, if this wasn’t enough stress, Dylan’s forced to face his phobia when Hazel’s condition takes a turn for the worse and he must treat her in Reus Bay 4, even though he’s convinced the cubicle is deadly for his patients!

Dylan temporarily manages to conquer his fears to save Hazel and his unborn half-sibling. But later at home on his barge, Dylan’s emotions boil over and ends up taking his frustrations out on his beloved dog, Dervla, who runs off…

Elsewhere, Tess and Ethan become victims of Charlie’s son Louis’s drug habit. When Louis falls off the wagon he steals Tess’s crucifix to buy heroin. Later, when Louis’s brought into the ED by Charlie suffering from DVT, Ethan ends up being stuck by a needle containing Louis' blood.

Fortunately Louis is given the clear for HIV, but the scare has left Ethan shaken. The shy doctor decides it’s time to let Lily down gently in matters of the heart and go after the real object of his affections – tea lady Honey!

Elaine Reilly
Elaine Reilly

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As well as active involvement in the WTW family’s social media accounts, she has been known to get chatty on the red carpet and wander into the odd podcast. 

After a day of previewing TV, writing about TV and interviewing TV stars, Elaine likes nothing than to relax… by watching TV.