EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale in danger as he collapses!

Bobby collapses at the club in EastEnders

Bobby Beale takes a risk, Issac Baptiste demands the truth from Sheree Trueman and Chantelle Atkins is put in an awkward position.

Bobby Beale makes a dangerous mistake in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Bobby Beale in EastEnders

Has Bobby Beale taken some of Dotty Cotton's laughing gas? (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

After feeling miserable about not going to Dotty Cotton’s club night, Bobby Beale hatches a plan to get in somehow, despite being too young. Bobby’s brother Peter Beale realises what Bobby is up to.

When it becomes clear that he has a massive crush on wild child Dotty, Peter is scathing, knocking Bobby’s confidence. After sneaking into the club, Bobby tries to buy some of Dotty’s stash of laughing gas.

Dotty fobs him off, leaving him feeling frustrated. When Peter then buys Dotty a drink before he can, Bobby is gutted. Determined to prove himself to Dotty, he gets hold of some laughing gas from one of Dotty’s punters.

As Dotty and Peter move in for a kiss, Bobby collapses on the floor of the club. Is he going to be okay?

Isaac Baptiste in EastEnders

Isaac Baptiste is sure Sheree Trueman is keeping a secret (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Patrick Trueman is in a strange mood after his chat with Isaac Baptiste and Denise Fox picks up on it. When Isaac later tells Denise that he’s sure Patrick and his mum Sheree Trueman are hiding something from him, Denise is determined to play detective and find out what’s going on!

Isaac gets Sheree on her own and confronts her, demanding she confess. Will Sheree finally tell Isaac the truth?

Chantelle Atkins is concerned for her hubby Gray Atkins, who is feeling the pressure over Whitney Dean’s disappearance. When Gray tries to get hold of her, he is angered when he has no luck.

After he finally gets through to her on the phone, there’s a power cut at her work cutting them off. Chantelle panics when she realises she is locked inside with her boss Kheerat Panesar. What will a jealous Gray do if he finds out?

Linda refuses to return to her support group in EastEnders

Mick Carter despairs when Linda Carter backs out of going to her meeting

Also, Shirley Carter and Mick Carter are frustrated when Linda Carter refuses to go back to her support group if Phil Mitchell is there.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8pm

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