EastEnders spoilers: Is Callum Highway's secret about to be EXPOSED?

EastEnders Jonno Highway and Callum Highway
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Callum Highway is confronted by brother Stuart Highway...

EastEnders' Whitney Dean has been busy making shirts for Albert Square’s Pride celebrations and she ropes hubby-to-be Callum Highway into modelling them for her. With his true sexuality still a closely held secret, Callum struggles to hide his discomfort over wearing the shirts and he makes an excuse to leave. Callum’s brother Stuart Highway feels let down, while Callum agrees to a drink with dad Jonno Highway.

When Callum’s secret fling Ben Mitchell turns up in the pub, however, Callum is nervous as Ben antagonises his dad. Landlord Mick Carter warns Callum that Jonno could be about to get himself in bother, as he’s followed Ben into the toilets.

After the pair come to blows Jonno storms out with Callum in tow. Ben offers Callum some advice about dealing with difficult fathers and he kisses Callum on the cheek – witnessed by Stuart…

Ahmed sisters Iqra and Habiba are bickering as usual, when they get some shock news from Habiba’s secret lover Adam Bateman. Iqra realises that Habiba is secretly heartbroken by Adam’s revelation and tells her that she just wants her to be happy. Habiba is stung when she learns that Adam has made a suggestion to Habiba’s grandma Mariam Arshad for a potential marital match for her. Will she finally wash her hands of a cheating Adam?

Kat Moon is still fuming over the missing money and she confronts notoriously dodgy Mo Harris, as well as Stacey Fowler. When neither of the women own up to taking the cash, a frustrated Kat is forced to tell her boyfriend Kush Kazemi that she can’t help him out with money for his custody battle.

After overhearing a conversation between Kush and Stacey’s husband Martin Fowler, Kat suspects that Martin took the money. Is she right?

EastEnders Bernadette Taylor and Tiffany Butcher

Tiffany has been messageing Bernadette on the dating app

Also, Bernadette Taylor is mortified when she realises best mate Tiffany Butcher has been playing her for a fool.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 8.00 pm

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