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EastEnders spoilers: Gray Atkins loses it over Whitney Dean murder case!

Gray Atkins is concerned about Whitney Dean in EastEnders

Gray Atkins is left on the edge, Jean Slater is obsessed by Suki Panesar and Lexi Pearce discovers that Jay Mitchell has a plan

Gray Atkins is pushed to the limit over a jailed Whitney Dean In Monday’s episode of EastEnders (8 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Gray Atkins in EastEnders

Gray Atkins is stressed about his work situation (Image credit: BBC / Nicky Johnston)

Following his suspension from work Gray Atkins is in bits. When his office return his belongings he can’t face telling his client Whitney Dean that he can no longer represent her.

His wife Chantelle Atkins is concerned about his mood and she comforts him. Gray heads to the pub with an ominous warning to Chantelle not to let her family know what has happened with his job. Later, Gray finds out the terrible news that not only has he been pushed aside, his firm have also dropped Whitney’s case. It’s not long before a raging Gray is taking his frustration out on his terrified wife.

Jean is determined to find out if Suki is lying in EastEnders

Jean Slater vows to find out the truth about Suki Panesar

Jean Slater insists to a worried Shirley Carter that she’s taking her meds but she won’t drop playing detective to find out if Suki Panesar is lying about having cancer. Jean invites Suki out to a cake sale and tries to catch her out. When Jean later accuses Suki of making up her cancer in front of her kids Kheerat, Jags, Vinny and Ash Panesar, the family are outraged by Jean’s claims. But Kheerat and Ash look uncomfortable and it seems that they have their own suspicions. Will Kheerat confront his mum?

Jay Mitchell is gearing himself up to propose to girlfriend Lola Pearce. He has the engagement ring and is already to get down on one knee as soon as he gets the chance.

Lola’s young daughter Lexi Pearce catches Jay with the ring. Jay tells a happy Lexi that he’s planning to propose but makes her promise to keep it a secret. Nervous that he’s doing the right thing, Jay is giving a confidence boost after talking to Billy Mitchell.

Mick is still concerned for Linda in EastEnders.

Mick Carter is worried about wife Linda Carter

Also, Linda Carter is worried that husband Mick Carter still doesn’t trust her when he checks to see if she really has thrown out her secret stash of booze.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.