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EastEnders spoilers: A terrified Hayley Slater gives birth ALONE!

Hayley in labour
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Hayley Slater ends up in a shocking situation, Martin makes a mortifying mistake, and Keegan is headed in a dangerous direction.

Hayley has got herself into the cab to drive herself to hospital after her waters break. She can’t believe it when a completely oblivious Ian jumps in the cab, insisting she take him somewhere! Hayley heads to the station and orders Ian to get out. The contractions start to intensify as she heads to the hospital but things take a terrifying turn when the cab breaks down. A panicking Hayley calls Keanu to beg him for help, but Karen distracts him and he misses the call. Back at the Slaters’ Kat and Jean realise that Hayley must have gone into labour. Meanwhile, Hayley gives birth all alone…

Stacey and Ruby have a drink

Stacey Fowler and Ruby Allen have a girls' night out. (Picture: BBC)

Ruby has encouraged Martin to enjoy a Halloween night out with Jay and Robbie. She suggests to Stacey that the pair of them go to The Vic together. At the E20, Martin and Jay laugh at Robbie as his attempt to chat someone up goes hilariously wrong. Jay has a go next after Martin and Robbie encourage him to talk to a woman in fancy dress. But there are mortifying consequences!

Bernadette is out trick-or-treating with Tiff but she’s suspicious that something’s up with Keegan. When Carmel bumps into Keegan she also notices that he’s acting a bit shifty. Meanwhile, Keegan sends more messages to the kid that vandalised Shakil’s poster in a bid to get him to meet up.

Also, Billly’s struggling to look after the kids as Will, Janet and Ricky get upset about the scary film he’s put on, and Billy hurts his tooth after being startled by Amy!

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday.