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EastEnders spoilers: Can Honey Mitchell keep her hot date a secret?

Honey and Adam on a date
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Honey lies to Billy when she has a secret date with the dishy dentist, Karen is concerned about Ted, and Whitney bans Tiff from seeing Jagger.

Honey is excited about her date with dishy dentist Adam. But she doesn’t want to hurt Billy, so she keeps the invite to herself. Billy, meanwhile, wants to make it up to Honey for the disastrous meal the night before and he offers to do something special that night. In a fix, Honey turns to Kim, who backs her up when she lies to get out of the meal with Billy. Honey returns from her date completely smitten. But will Billy work out the truth?

Bernadette and Wesley play chess

Karen is chuffed with the money that Ted gave Bernadette and starts planning on how to help her spend it! Bernadette makes it clear that Karen’s not getting her hands on the cash to spend it on something pointless. Determined to get a cut for herself, Karen cosies up to Ted and agrees to support Bernadette at her latest chess match. With the match underway, Ted is missing and Karen and Keegan notice some missed calls on Bernadette’s phone. Is something very wrong with Ted?

Ian divides the kitchen

Ian meddles in the café but he’s still giving Kathy the cold shoulder. She decides to play him at his own game but it leads to them having a hear-to-heart. Kathy is mortified when she realises how hurt her son is.

Whitney is suspicious when she catches Tiffany sneaking back home after meeting up with Jagger. When Tiff admits that Jagger is nineteen a worried Whitney bans her from seeing him again. Tiff isn’t having any of it and meets up with Jagger later, telling him about Whitney’s decision. Jagger convinces Tiffany that he can talk Whitney round, and he gives Tiff a phone so she can call him whenever she wants…

Also, Denise is oblivious as Kush tries to tell her something but what has he got to say?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday