EastEnders spoilers: Iqra Ahmed makes a shock revelation!

EastEnders Iqra Ahmed
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Iqra Ahmed is on a mission to tell the truth to Martin Fowler, Peter Beale ends up in hospital and Max Branning blackmails Phil Mitchell.

Iqra Ahmed reveals Ruby Fowler’s secret in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Iqra Ahmed is brooding after rejecting her ex Ash Panesar’s desperate attempt to get back with her. In the cafe, she bumps into Martin Fowler and asks him what wife Ruby Fowler is up to.

As Martin explains to Iqra that Ruby is pregnant, Ash’s brother Vinny Panesar interrupts, on a mission to make things right between Ash and Iqra. He begs Iqra not to punish Ash for his mistake. Explaining the fact that their brother Jags Panesar is doing time for the attack on Martin, he insists that it was all down to him.

Later, Iqra sees Martin and congratulates him on his baby news with Ruby. She reveals that her sister Habiba is pregnant with Jags’ baby. When Martin has little sympathy for the fact that Jags is in prison and their baby will be left without a father, Iqra is riled.

Determined to tell Martin the truth about his attack, she corners him while Ruby isn’t around. Iqra reveals that he ended up being attacked because Ruby had set up a fake robbery at the club for the insurance. Martin is stunned.

Meanwhile, Ash has been out all night with Peter Beale, drowning her sorrows from the break up. It’s clear that Peter is still smitten with Ash and he tries to get her to come back to his place.

Ash refuses to take respond to his flirting and politely turns him down. But Peter won’t be beaten just yet. In a bid to get her attention, he runs laps of Albert Square in nothing but a superhero cape!

His silly stunt ends in disaster when he trips over and bangs his head, ending up with him in hospital. After being treated, Peter tells Ash that he really likes her. In pain from his injury, Peter is anguished when the nurse has to leave him alone before giving him some meds after an emergency on the ward.

EastEnders Phil Mitchell is confronted by Max Branning

Phil Mitchell is furious about Max Branning's blackmail attempt (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Max Branning is a man on a mission after finding the USB stick at his brother Jack Branning’s house. He marches over to see Phil Mitchell with the USB stick in his hand. Phil is stunned when he can see that the memory stick contains a raft of evidence against him.

Things become very clear when Max says that he has certain demands and if he gets what he wants, Phil can avoid a lengthy stay in prison…

Meanwhile, Jean Slater thinks Sharon Mitchell should try and reunite with hubby Phil Mitchell. But Kat Slater, who has her own reasons for keeping Sharon and Phil apart, insists to a confused Sharon that she could do a lot better!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.35 pm

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