EastEnders spoilers: Is Linda Carter having a baby?

Linda Carter feels faint in EastEnders
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Linda Carter has some surprising news, Keegan Baker does his best to find Bailey Baker and Violet Highway makes herself unpopular with the locals

Linda Carter thinks she knows why she’s not feeling so good in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Linda Carter heads to the clinic to speak to her daughter Nancy Carter’s doctor and share her concerns. But things take an unexpected turn when Linda suddenly comes over all faint.

The doctor insists on checking her out and Linda reveals she might know what’s wrong… she thinks she’s pregnant!

Nancy and Linda argue in EastEnders

Nancy Carter is NOT happy with mum Linda Carter!

Back at the Queen Vic, Linda is confronted by a raging Nancy who has had it with her mum meddling in her decisions.

The two have a war of words which doesn’t end well. Will Linda reveal her news?

Ben is furious in EastEnders

Ben Mitchell is left devastated by Callum Highway's confession

Callum Highway’s bombshell that he was involved in trying to rat out Phil Mitchell to his police boss has left husband-to-be Ben Mitchell stunned. He can’t believe that Callum would betray him so deeply by spying on his father and collude in an attempt to get him jailed. 

With the wedding coming up, will Callum’s revelation cause a permanent rift between the two and will it drive them apart forever?

Karen Taylor is beside herself over a missing Bailey Baker and she confronts copper Jack Branning for an update.

Jack suggests that Karen and the family launch an appeal for information.

Isaac takes Bailey's poster down in EastEnders

Isaac Baptiste is destroying Keegan Baker's posters but is all as it seems?

Meanwhile, Bailey’s brother Keegan Baker is raging when he sees Isaac Baptiste ripping down one of the ‘missing’ posters he put up to find Bailey. Keegan feels bad when Isaac reveals that Keegan has missed a digit from the contact number on the poster.

Feeling foolish after his outburst, Keegan decides to set up a fundraising page so he can get some more leaflets printed.

Meanwhile, Sheree Trueman and Denise Fox are feeling the family’s pain over a missing Bailey and they hatch a plan to help them out.

Isaac’s girlfriend Lola Pearce realises that Isaac is behaving in a very edgy manner and she’s worried that he’s not sleeping. He confesses to her that he's come off his meds.

Although initially horrified, Lola does her best to be supportive. She agrees she won’t go on about it as long as he talks to his doctor about his decision.

Violet Highway is making her presence felt in Albert Square - and not in a good way! After she sees Kim Fox looking at Bobby Beale’s application form for her dating service, she takes a peek and comments that it’s clear by his answers he’s an ex-con! Not only that, she then goes on to say that Bailey Baker’s family are probably responsible for her disappearance.

Violet’s grandson Stuart Highway is getting sick of her comments upsetting the locals and he despairs even more when she says that Walford is growing on her!

Meanwhile, Stuart’s wife Rainie Highway is doing her best to avoid Vi and she puts her foot in it when Bernie Taylor hears her making a nasty comment.

Also, Sharon Beale and brother Zack Hudson are getting ready for the gym opening and are hopeful that they can really make a go of the new business.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.35 pm

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