EastEnders spoilers: Karen Taylor is in shock after learning tragic news!

EastEnders Mitch Baker and Karen Taylor
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Karen is devastated when she learns the truth about Dinah from Mitch, Keanu makes an enemy of Ben, and Kat and Kush try to keep their affair secret.

Karen and Mitch are in bits after discovering that Dinah has taken her own life. Mitch is even more shaken when the police find a goodbye note from Dinah. Keegan and Bernadette turn up in the middle of the chaos and a shocked Keegan rushes off to find Bailey. At the flat, Keegan does his best to comfort his little sister and takes her to the Taylors’. Can he calm her down?

Keanu plays dumb when Ben confronts him and asks if anyone has stopped by with a delivery. Later, Ben sees his contact on the Square and he realises that Keanu has double-crossed him. Is there trouble ahead for Keanu?

EastEnders Kat Moon and Kush Kazemi

Kush and Kat are in bed

Kat and Kush agree to keep their affair to themselves but they’re desperate to see each other. Kat is frustrated when Kush lets Bex use his flat to study as it seems there’s nowhere for them to go. When Kat gets the house to herself she invites Kush over and they’re soon getting sexy in the bedroom. Martin and Stacey get back for their anniversary dinner however. Is Kat about to be busted with the father of Stacey’s baby?

Also, Mel comes to Jack’s rescue when Amy asks her to babysit her, not realising that Jack has got a date with Denise!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8.00 pm

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