EastEnders Spoilers: Kat Moon is on a desperate hunt for a missing Alfie!

EastEnders Kat Moon Mo Harris and Ernie Moon
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Kat and Stacey search for clues to Alfie's whereabouts, Phil's shocked by Alfie's disappearance, and Bernadette gives Louise advice about Keanu.

Kat is frantic when she finds a message from Alfie on a sticky note in her bag but half of it is missing. Then Ernie reveals he’s eaten the other half! Desperate to find out what’s happened to Alfie, Kat and Stacey turn the house upside down.

But there are no clues to be found and they come up with nothing. When Phil finds out that Alfie’s done a runner he’s furious. He barges into the Slaters’ house and demands some answers. Later, Kat has to explain to the boys that Alfie has gone away for a while but then she finds the rest of Alfie’s note… Will the mystery be resolved?

EastEnders Louise Mitchell Bernadette Taylor

Louise and Bernadette bond

Louise is mortified that Phil has tried to meddle between her and Keanu. She goes to find Keanu to make a desperate apology. Karen and Bernadette offer Louise some help but end up making things worse for her. After Louise and Bernadette end up having a surprise heart-to-heart, Louise takes on board Bernadette’s advice.

EastEnders Keanu Taylor and Louise Mitchell

Louise snubs Keanu when he tries to let her down

When Keanu confronts Louise in a bid to let her down gently, she gets the upper hand and snubs him. But is it really all over for the couple?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday

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