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EastEnders spoilers: Guilty? Linda Carter walks out on Mick!

EastEnders Linda Carter Mick Carter
(Image credit: BBC)

Linda Carter is convinced that Mick shot Stuart, Keanu is hurt when Sharon pushes him away, and Bernadette makes a dangerous enemy.

The Carters are left in a panic when they find out that someone has given a statement to the police saying they sold a gun to Mick! It’s starting to look like a cut-and-dried case when the bullet from the shooting is examined and it matches the gun… Linda Carter visits Mick in prison to break the bad news to him and he is horrified.

Furious, he confesses that he did consider bumping off Stuart but he had nothing to do with the shooting. Linda Carter, however, is distraught and she very publicly says it’s over between them. Back home, Linda tells Halfway and the Carters that Mick is guilty. She can’t stand by him any longer and the family will have to decide whose side they are on…

Sharon is still freaked out after finding out how much younger than her Keanu is. She keeps her distance, much to his concern, and he confronts her.

After demanding to know why she’s avoiding him, Keanu is left gutted when Sharon says she’s too old for him. She also points out that Phil will kill him if he ever finds out. A hurt and confused Keanu storms off and Sharon is left heartbroken.

EastEnders Bernadette Taylor Jagger

Bernadette Taylor confronts Jagger in front of Tiffany Butcher.

Bernadette discovers that Tiffany is keeping hidden a second phone but her suspicious are quashed when she’s thrown off the scent. Still concerned about Tiffany’s association with Jagger, she tries to interfere. Jagger sends Bernadette a terrifying warning to make sure she backs off. Not willing to take threats from Jagger, Bernadette angrily confronts him. She’s upset when Tiffany takes Jagger’s side. Later, Jagger plots with Stix to take revenge on Bernadette.

Also, Ray tries to win round Mel but she’s not having any of it.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday